About Us
Haiku Wellness & Spa

We are a unique Spa that integrates healing therapies from East and West, a beautiful natural environment, inspired healthy cuisine and customised wellness programs ranging from Detoxification to Stress and Burnout, as well as Jet Lag Rescue and Emotional Balance, to offer you the most exquisite and breathtaking beauty treatments.

Located in the Northern part of the splendid island of Phuket, we are a group of enthusiastic professionals dedicated to excellence and our ultimate goal is to enlighten individuals to find inner peace, calmness and happiness within themselves.

It is believed that the word Spa is derived by the name of the town of Spa, in Belgium, whose name is known back to Roman times, when the location was called Aquae Spadanae; another version is that Spa is the acronym of the Latin phrase Salus Per Aquam, meaning “health through water”.

In both cases, this word designates a place where you are taken care of, and where you can find serenity and tranquillity.

Through a detailed offering of Spa treatments, each guest will find a serene escape to bliss. From Traditional Massage as well as Swedish, Deep Tissue and our signature massages and treatments with essential oils and fresh fruit, to the relaxing practices and bathing in our pools, guests can expect a rejuvenating spa experience that transcends the ordinary.

We respect you and the environment so we use only items that have been carefully sourced for their organic properties. This includes bathrobes, towels, sheets, fresh fruits and refreshments served.

We strongly believe that optimal wellness comes from embracing and respecting the body, mind and spirit and with this in mind we come together as Haiku Wellness & Spa – Healing Spirit.

An Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry, in which beauty and alignment coalesce together to enlighten the soul.

Be a witness of the beauty of the outdoors in the majestic nature that surrounds us and welcome to the healing spirit of Haiku.