Spa packages

These treatment packages feature groups of therapies and may include full body massage, facials, body scrubs, steam immersion, and more


Expand your horizon

You will begin with an energizing dry brushing, to promote blood circulation and to exfoliate the whole body from dead cells, then yiu will be pampered by a swedish massage using essential oils chosen to relax and uplift you. Then you can enjoy our Shirodara treatment and you will escape into a place of relaxation and spiritual peace.

An healthy meal from our Chef will be the perfect conclusion of this divine treatment.

180 minutes 4000 Baht

Go with the Flow

Start with a relaxing steam bath with herbs and oils, then we will clear away the old with our sugar and coconut scrub. Next, your whole body will be deeply massaged with our Jet lag Rescue massage and, as final touch, we will take care of your feet with our Galvanic Feet Treatment.

A warm tea and an healthy meal will be served at the end of the treatment.

210 minutes 6000 Baht

Sacred Path

Start with an immersion in our ice pool, to ignite your body with energy and a zing, then you will experience the Waxing Moon massage of our Diva Luna program, with the Orange Salt Scrub followed by with the soft caresse of our Jasmine Orange and Mint aromatherapy massage treatment.

Finally take your time for a tea and a tasty spa meal.

240 minutes 6500 Baht


Start your treatment with a warm steam bath with a relaxing mix of aromatherapy oil, then get ready for the sublime experience of Lulur, the Balinese traditional massage with scrub, ointment and the immersion in our floral bath, followed by a facial anti-aging treatment and our 20 minutes of two-therapist simultaneous head and foot massage. Conclude with an healthy meal with the food prepared by our Chef.

300 minutes 7500 Baht


Begin with our steam bath, followed by a scrub of your choice from the menu. Next, experience the bliss of our chocolate massage, followed by our Thai massage. Conclude with our Thai herbal tea and an healthy meal with a fruit and vegetable juice of your choice.

210 minutes 5000 Baht


if you are pregnant, you should avoid treatments that include the use of essential oils. We do not recommend massages or stimulating treatment during the first three months of pregnancy. When at the reception, you will receive a questionnaire form and a disclaimer form, to fill with informations about your health conditions, allergies, dietary needs, prescriptions and/or injuries.

If you have high blood pressure, heart conditions, allergies or other medical complication, please consult your doctor before signing up for our spa services. Our Spa Manager and our staff will be available to you for any question you might have, to ensure you the best possible experience.

The spa treatments, facilities, services and detox programs are intended for general purposes only and are not intended as a diagnosis, cure, treatment or substitute for professional medical treatment or therapy for any condition , medical or otherwise, that Guests may have.

Detox: Because changing one’s diet and behavior for the better often produces initial cleansing reactions, guests are advised to educate themselves adequately and seek advice from a qualified holistic or medical professional when needed.