60-90 minutes. 1300-1600 Baht

A gentle massage with the touch of essential oils burning in the essence burner, to surround you with the healing power of plants. A soft music adds the final touch to this multi-sensorial experience.


60 minutes 1400 Baht  90 minutes. 1600 Baht

The ultimate relaxing experience, the Swedish massage uses soothing long strokes and kneading to release muscle tension. You will be provided of a chart where mark the desired areas to work on and also the kind of desired pressure, gentle, medium or strong

Hot Stone

90 minutes. 1900 Baht

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stone as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply. First, our therapist warms up the body with the traditional Swedish massage and then will massage while holding a heated stone. Please ask for the kind of pressure and the desired warmth of the stones.

Thai Massage

60 minutes 1100 90 minutes 1300 baht

This ancient healing therapy relaxes sore or tense muscles, heightens immune system and encourages better lymphatic function. It is like a dance around you, with pressure and stretching gestures. You will discover yourself perfectly relaxed and full of energy.

Bamboo Massage

80 minutes 1700 baht

For centuries bamboo has been a vital part of everyday life throughout South East Asia. No one knows who first started to use bamboo to help ease the tired muscles of family members but it was only natural that they would use a massage with a material that had come to signify good luck, long life, peace and harmony. You’ll fall in love with the smooth feel of warm bamboo sliding around the contours of your body, washing away tensions and soothing your mind with their rhythmic movements. This combines Swedish massage strokes with warmed aroma-oil soaked bamboo tools. Your therapist can customize the depth of massage.

Foot reflexology

60 minutes 800 baht

Foot reflexology is thought to cure many ailments. Based on the concept that all the nerves start from feet, this treatment can be relaxing, calming and energizing at the same time.

Jet Lag Rescue

60 minutes. 1700 Baht

A full body massage that will soothe the body and help normalize sleep pattern. This massage helps alleviating muscle tightness, stiffness and tension, inducing relaxation and better sleep. At the end of the massage you will go back to your villa and find a warm herbal tea, to complete the treatment. Sip the tea and get ready for a night of fabulous sleep, you will wake up rested and ready for your holidays.


90 minutes 2500 baht

Cellulite is a common skin condition due to inflammation, and even good diet and exercise alone are not enough to prevent its development. With this treatment we can help to manage unwanted fat and we give the skin a smoother appearance. We suggest this massage combined with our detox program.

Theobroma Cacao

Massage 60 minutes. 1600 baht Massage + coffee scrub 80 minutes 1900 baht

Our chocolate gourmet and delicious chocolate treatment is specially designated to firm the skin, providing the skin with anti-oxidants and acting as a moisturizing agent. Cocoa butter contains high amounts of natural oils and emollients necessary for treating rough, dry and flaky skin. Chocolate is also good for health, for cellulite and has calming effects; a chocolate massage helps reduce stress and tension and eases tight and sore muscles. The special mix of cacao paste, cacao butter, rich olive oil and vanilla will improve and invigorate skin cells, decreasing the aging process while increasing the firmness of the skin.


60 minutes. 1600 baht

This soothing massage concentrates on gentle touches to give you a sense of well being, calmness and detoxification at the same time, leaving you wonderfully relaxed and blissed out.


if you are pregnant, you should avoid treatments that include the use of essential oils. We do not recommend massages or stimulating treatment during the first three months of pregnancy. When at the reception, you will receive a questionnaire form and a disclaimer form, to fill with informations about your health conditions, allergies, dietary needs, prescriptions and/or injuries. If you have high blood pressure, heart conditions, allergies or other medical complication, please consult your doctor before signing up for our spa services. Our Spa Manager and our staff will be available to you for any question you might have, to ensure you the best possible experience. The spa treatments, facilities, services and detox programs are intended for general purposes only and are not intended as a diagnosis, cure, treatment or substitute for professional medical treatment or therapy for any condition , medical or otherwise, that Guests may have. Detox: Because changing one’s diet and behavior for the better often produces initial cleansing reactions, guests are advised to educate themselves adequately and seek advice from a qualified holistic or medical professional when needed.